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Training Trailers

June 22, 2012

I read something in Eliot Masie’s Learning Trends newsletter a couple months ago. He proposed the idea of creating previews of training courses similar to movie trailers. We’ve thought of some compelling use cases for these. Maybe on our corporate website when someone searches for training offerings? Maybe to show managers who have to pay to send someone to training? Maybe we show them in the classes to retain students for future classes?

Everyone involved is sure of one thing. We want the training trailers to be short. 60-90 seconds. We also agree that they do not have to be comprehensive. There is no way in this short of a period of time that we could preview everything you will learn in a multi-day training class.

We are having a hard time coming up with the right “theme” for these training trailers. Maybe they are high production blowouts like you would see for the latest superhero movie? Maybe they stick to the facts and show what you’ll learn in a dry and informative manner? Can they be humorous like an informercial? What style of trainer will appeal to prospective students considering the class and managers who have to pay for the class?

One thought I have is to use the projection screen in our training center as the background for our content. This will help portray the proper context of a training class. The screen provides a nice frame for the conent. The video would start and end with the projection screen coming down and going back up. But this will only work if we go with more of an informative approach so we’re back to needing to come up with the right theme first.

We’ll be creating storyboards and testing out many¬†different themes. Hopefully we find the right one and these videos can be a success.


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