Duration of eLearning

I write and teach a live class that takes 2 full days from 9am to 5pm to complete. There are 11 lessons and 22 practice exercises in the live class.

I recently converted that class to an eLearning course. The eLearning course has 5.5 hours of videos in segments that average 2.5 minutes each. It also has the same 22 practice exercises and some new self-test quizzes at the end of the 11 lessons.

Again, 5.5 hours of video and the live class takes 14 hours (if you subtract 1 hour each day for lunch.)

I am running a Beta test of the eLearning course right now and I am blown away by how long it is taking my students to complete the course. 3 of the 10 students are done and it has taken them 40 hours on average! They are spending almost 3x longer on the eLearning course than on the live course! The students are claiming that the 40 hours was spent on the eLearning course. They claim that they weren’t just logged in while doing other work.

Does eLearning take longer? Do students spend more time on an eLearning course than they do on a live class?


One Response to “Duration of eLearning”

  1. Bessie Walker Says:

    Hi Joseph,
    This is Bessie, just wanted to inform that for this course I will be following your blog. I am look forward to learn with and from you.

    Bessie Walker

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