Connectivism – Reflections on MindMap

As I think about my Mind Map, I am immediately struck by the number of connections that come from the past few months. I purchased an iPhone in November that has added informative podcasts and connectivity wherever I go. My daily commute to work is now filled with world news and technology information. This class added a number of blogs and eBooks and also added a social network of classmates who I can learn with. When I started this class, I expected my learning environment to include only a textbook and video lectures. I never expected this many connections to assist my learning.

Another revelation is how easy it is to acquire knowledge when I have questions. Resources include emails to my instructor, general posts for the instructor and students to see, and searches in the Walden University library to find answers within eBooks. Another source that I just considered is the technical resources section of our class that helped us learn to create our own blog and Mind Map. Those technical resources saved me many hours of searching for answers on the internet.

The last observation I have about my Mind Map relates to the connections I have made to get me where I am in my learning journey. My family encouraged my passion for math and science which led me to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). The career center at WPI helped me find my technical support job at SolidWorks. My role as Training Specialist encouraged me to pursue this Certificate of Instructional Design and Technology. And this class added a number of connections as stated earlier.

Going forward, I hope this Mind Map will continue to grow. I’ve added so many connections recently and am excited to see what other connections I will add with more courses and access to other instructors and colleagues.


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