Cognitive Information Processing and Careers

The March 2008 edition of The Career Development Quarterly includes an article titled, “Enlisted Service Members’ Transition Into the Civilian World of Work: A Cognitive Information Processing Approach.” This article presents cognitive information processing theory as a foundation for working with enlisted military personnel who are transitioning into the civilian world of work [p. 246]. A career counselor gathers information about the client, both personal and information about the client’s occupational skills. Then the counselor uses the CASVE cycle to assist their clients. CASVE is an acronym that stands for: communication, analysis, synthesis, valuing, and execution.

In the article, there is a story of the application of Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) to an enlisted soldier trying to enter the workforce. The career counselor first learns about the client. This is important so the counselor can relate advice to what the client already knows. Once the client’s needs are analyzed, the counselor formulates goals for their work together. This helps focus the client’s attention. The formerly daunting, undefined task of starting a new career now has focus. Next, an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is created by the counselor. The ILP is presented in such a way as to relate the relevance, purpose, and priority for the activities to the client.

Overall, I found the article interesting because of its application of CIP outside of the classroom environment. As I continue learning the material in my Information Design and Technology classes, I will try to think of other applications for learning beyond school.


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